The Materials Science Department occupies over 60,000 square feet of research laboratories, teaching laboratories, and office space in three buildings, the McLaren Center for Ceramic Research, the Fiber Optics Materials Research Building, and the A-Wing of the Engineering Building. Many of our facilties are available for use by external organizations.  Contact us to find out more.

Laboratory Services 

Most of the research equipment listed below is available for use by internal (Rutgers) and external (Industry) users on a fee-for-service basis.  We encourage you to take advantage of our facilities by contacting the MSE Department at

Research Equipment

Chemical Characterization and Elemental Analysis

  • EDAX EDS Elemental Analysis 9020 and 711
  • Spectra QuanX EDXRF
  • Laser-Raman, Renishaw inVia Reflex Micro-Raman
  • Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Perkin Elmer Inductively Coupled Plasma 6500 Spectrometer
  • PGT IMIX Energy Dispersive Spectrometer and Image Analyzer with direct and video acquisition capability
  • X-Ray Fluorescence

Electron Microscopes

  • Zeiss Sigma Field Emission SEM with Oxford INCA PentaFETx3 EDS system (Model 8100) with fully digital image collection, transfer and analysis
  • Zeiss Leo Field Emission SEM
  • Field Emission TEM/STEM, (JEOL 2010F)
  • Transmission Electron Microscopes:
    • Topcon 002B TEM with p-p resolution 1.8 A and Analytical Capability
    • Gatan Model 666, Parallel Detection Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer
    • IPGT IMIX Energy Dispersive Spectrometer and Image Analyzer with direct and video acquisition capability
    • Phenom Pro Table Top SEM
    • Delong LVEM5 Low Voltage TEM benchtop, nanoscale

Atomic Force Microscopes

Park NX-Hivac, high vacuum AFM


A wide diversity of furnaces are available in the MSE department, ranging in size from small box and tube furnaces to large furnaces capable of pilot scale quantities.  Examples are given below:

  • Carbolite 1500 Box furnaces, SiC elements
  • Carbolite elevator glass melters
  • Astro high temperature furnace with Tungsten elements
  • CM fast response furnaces with MoSi2 elements
  • Large hard-refractory CM box furnace

Hot Presses

  • Induction Hot Press

Mechanical Properties

  • ATS High Temperature Creep (bending and compression)
  • Instron 4505 Universal Test Machine
  • Instron Electro Mechanical Testing Machine 22KIP 1361
  • Instron Dynatup POE 2000 Instrumented Impact Tester
  • Instron Servo hydraulic Testing Machine
  • MTS Continuous-Feed High Temperature Testing Machine
  • MTS Model 810, Servo-hydraulic 55 Kips
  • MTS QTest/25 Universal test apparatus
  • Hysitron Tribo-Indenter

Optical Characterization & Measurements

  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Perkin Elmer Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer
  • OOI Spectrophotometer, VIS-IR
  • Perkin Elmer FTIR

Processing and Forming

  • Carver Uniaxial Press with heated platens for compression molding
  • Hot isostatic press
  • Induction heated uniaxial hot press
  • Inovent biaxial stretching machine with simultaneous and sequential x-y capability
  • Solid Free-form Fabrication.  Flash FII 230 Desktop Modeler.  SFF Stratasys 3-d modeler.
  • Laboratory Extruders/Torque Rheometer - Brabender Intelli-torque system
  • Mills of many types:  Ball mills, Attritor mills, Jet mills, Vibratory mills.
  • MCVD optical fiber fabrication laboratory
  • Negri Bossi Injection Molder, V55-200, 0.032 m barrel diameter, 0.768 m length.
  • Peltsman Injection Molder
  • Pressure caster
  • Randcastle compounding extruder
  • Single screw extruder with rod, tube, sheet, fiber, and blown film capability
  • Tape Caster, HED International
  • Welding Engineers Twin Screw Extruder

Particle and Pore Size Analysis, Optical Microscopy

  • Coulter LS-230 particle size analyzer
  • Zeta Pals Zeta Potential Mearuement, Brookhaven Instrument Corp.
  • BI-DCP Particle Sizer, Brookhaven Instrument Corp.
  • Mercury intrusion pore analysis, Micromertics Corp.
  • Zeiss Axioscope 40 Optical Microscope with Digital Camera 


  • Brabender Capillary Rheometer
  • TA Instruments AR-2000 Rheometer

Synchrotron Probe Testing (off-site, in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory)

  • in-situ and ex-situ phase strain mapping of engineering alloys, ceramics, coatings and composites
  • optical nanocomposites
  • stress corrosion cracking
  • battery research 

Thermal Measurements

  • DSC - TA Instruments Q-1000
  • Gaertner Interferometer
  • Netzche 1600 C Dilatometer
  • Orton Auto Recording Dilatometer
  • Perkin Elmer 1600 C DTA, TGA7, DTA7
  • Simultaneous DTA, TGA
  • Thermal Diffusivity Measurement, Laser Flash, 20 to 1500°C 

X-Ray Diffractometers

  • JCPDS CD ROM X-ray powder data file
  • Philips Norelco Type 12215 Cu Target
  • Philips Canberra, Type 12845, Cu Target Philips Metalix, Type 12049, Co Target
  • Philips Norelco Generator with Transmission Guinier-deWolff camera and rotation camera, Cu Target
  • Siemens D500 Digital micro V AX with Pattern Analyzer & Data File
  • Siemens D500 Theta-Theta with high temperature furnace capability to 26000C and position sensitive detector
  • Siemens D500 with thin film attachment and incident beam monochromator, Cu O-Cr Target

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Panalytical Epsilon I XRF spectrometer

Raman Spectrometers

Renishaw InVia Reflex Confocal Raman Microscope


Hysitron TriboIndenter