Dr. Lynch-Branzoi wins first $100,000 grant from Rutgers' new TechAdvance Fund

Dr. Jennifer Lynch-Branzoi recently received a $100,000 grant from Rutgers’ TechAdvance Fund for her project titled Graphene Enhanced Polymer Matrix Composites: Investigation of the Barrier Resistance to Small Gases and Fuel. She will investigate the permeation of small gases through graphene nanoflake enhanced polymer matrix composites (G-PMCs).  These lightweight, high performance G-PMCs are created by graphite exfoliation into graphene nanoflakes directly within molten polymer.  The graphene nanoflakes create a tortuous path for diffusion of small gases through these G-PMC films and also offer structural integrity. Potentially, these G-PMCs offer a lightweight replacement for fuel tanks and packaging applications with longer shelf life.   

Dr. Lynch-Branzoi was invited to apply to the TechAdvance pilot program and is the first and only award made to date.  TechAdvance was created in the Office of Research and Commercialization to help advance unlicensed, patented Rutgers technology to commercialization.

For more information about the Rutgers TechAdvance Fund click here.