Effective Learning in an Intimate Environment

One of the distinguishing features of the Materials Science and Engineering program at Rutgers is the excellent student to faculty ratio that promotes an intimate level of instruction and learning rarely found at a large research university.

The large number of faculty (25) in MSE results from the high level of research conducted in the department in all major areas of modern materials. Faculty need help with all this research and undergraduate students are the perfect solution. Many MSE undergraduates put their new skills to the test by assisting faculty and graduate students in their research.  This experience, along with the close mentoring and outstanding teaching provided in the department, make MSE graduates sought after in industry and graduate schools.

Numerous industrial firms support the department by providing research funding and hiring and exhibiting a presence in the department as shown by the Corning display in the photograph.

The learning experience in MSE is very special. In addition to the direct laboratory experience received by student research technicians, the MSE faculty is proud of their tradition of providing  clear and effective instruction as well as relating their professional experiences to students. Textbook information is always there, time spent with faculty provides the intangible professional knowledge that makes MSE students so successful in their careers.

This boutique engineering educational environment attracts many SoE honors students and an exceptionally high quality of students overall. After completing the curriculum, these students go on to professional careers in Fortune 500 companies, exciting new start-ups, or on to the best graduate schools in North America to further their careers.