EKA Materials Research Group

Dr. E. Koray Akdoğan (PI)                                         Link to Google Scholar Page

Introducing the EKA Materials Research Group

We enjoy working on challenging problems in materials research in which the unifying theme is nonlinearity in its broadest sense. Currently, we endeavor to contribute to the solutions of nonlinear problems appertaining to vapor phase mass transport in highly tortuous solids, nonlinear electrostatics of dielectric interfaces, nonlinear elasticity in structural phase transformations, and chemical thermodynamics of Pb-based ceramics’ green processing, to name but a few. 

Group Members - Current & Past

Current Members

  • Mr. Eoin McAleer; Ph.D. Student, "Thermokinetics of Binder Removal from Ceramic Preforms" Sponsored by the Ceramic, Composite, Optical Materials Center (CCOMC) @ Rutgers University - An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Program. 

  • Mr. Jon Oliver; Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Prof. Haber), “Optimization of Processing Parameters in SLA 3D Printing by Advanced Image Analysis Techniques,” Sponsored by the Ceramic, Composite, Optical Materials Center (CCOMC) @ Rutgers University - An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Program. 

  • Mr. Alexander Lazeration, “SLA 3D Printing f ZrC for Hypersonic Flight Applications,” J.J. Slade Scholar Program, School of Engineering, Rutgers University. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Sponsored Research.

  • Mr. Avi Patel, “Liquid Phase Pressureless Sintering of ZrC for Hypersonic Flight Applications,” NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Sponsored Research.

  • Mr. Andrew Gleizer, Special Problems Research Student, "Origins Tricritical Phenomena in Ferrelectrics." MSE 5-Year Master’s Program.



  • Dr. İlyas Şavklıyıldız, Materials Science & Engineering, Rutgers University. (Co-advised with T. Tsakalakos). Currently, Assistant Professor at Konya Technical University, Turkey. 

  • Ms. Laura Kershaw, Aresty Research Student, Engineering Honors Academy, Rutgers University. Currently in the MBA program of University of Michigan Business School.

  • Mr. Stephen Greenberg, Engineering Honors Academy, Rutgers University. Currently with the Physics Department at Rutgers University. Currently, doctoral student in Physics at UC Berkeley.

  • Mr. Tarun Siddarthan; MSE Capstone Student, “Solid Mechanics of Films and Coatings on Rigid Substrates.”

  • Mr. Andrew Gleizer, MSE Capstone Student, "A Thermokinetic Approach to Green Processing of Lead-based Ceramics" (2019-2020)

  • Mr. Holden Swindell, MSE Capstone Student, "Nonlinear Electrostatics: The Solution of Nonlinear Poisson Boltzmann Equation for a Ferroelectric Double Layer" (2019-2020)

  • Ms. Ellen Chen, Engineering Honors Academy Research Student, "Nonlinear Elasticity and Tricritical Phenomena in Ferroelectrics" (2018-2019)

  • Mr. Francis Farmer, MSE Capstone Student, Rutgers University (2019-20). Currently employed by NEI Corporation, NJ.

  • Mr. Daniel Noona, Engineering Honors Academy Students, Independent Research, Rutgers University (2019). Currently employed by Corning Inc., NY.

  • Mr. Di Jin, MSE Capstone Student, Rutgers University (2018-19). Currently in the MBA program of the University of Rochester, NY.

  • Mr. Yizheng Yang, MSE Capstone Student, Rutgers University (2018-19).

  • Mr. Jatan Bhatt, MAE Aresty Research Student, Rutgers University (2016-17). Currently, an application engineer with AME Inc., NJ. 

  • Mr. Joshua Tedesco, McNair Post-Baccalaureate Summer Research Student, Rutgers University (2015-17). Currently, freelance engineering consultant with Tedesco Science & Engineering LLC, NJ

Affiliated Programs at Rutgers

External Links to Professional Societies of Interest


  • Prof. Akdoğan delivers a lecture on flash sintering of ceramics at the Materials Science Colloquium of the APAM-MSE Program, Columbia University, New York, New York.


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  • Prof. Akdoğan delivers a remote invited talk on Flash Sintering of Ceramics at KTU, Turkey

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  • Dr. Akdoğan was elected a full member of the MSE Graduate Program (April 2021)

  • Dr. Akdoğan was promoted to Associate Teaching Professor in February 2021 (effective 1 July)

  • Dr. Akdoğan was recognized by the Journal of American Ceramic Society for his services as a peer reviewer in December 2020

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        The publication in Nature can be accessed by clicking this link 

        The publication can be accessed here at the US Patent Office 

Scientific Journals of Interest

Selected Publications (Grand total >75)

  • İ. Şavklıyıldız, A. Degnah, H. Biçer, E. Salur, T. Tsakalakos & E. K. Akdoğan, "Anatomy of flash sintering in yttria-stabilized zirconia solid-state electrolyte: High temporal resolution energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction using a 200 keV synchrotron probe," Journal of Materials Research doi.org/10.1557/s43578-023-00910-4 (2023).

  • E. G. McAleer, M. K. Alazzawi, C. Hwang, J. M. LaManna, D. L. Jacobson, B. Khaykovich, R. A. Haber, E. K. Akdoğan, "Binder removal from ceramic stereolithography green bodies: A neutron imaging and thermal analysis study," Journal of the American Ceramic Society doi.org/10.1111/jace.19095  (2023).

  • X. Xu, R. Saini, E. K. Akdoğan, J. S. McCloy, A. Goel, “Corrosion behavior of Monofrax K-3 refractory in borosilicate-based model low activity waste glass melts,” Journal of the American Ceramic Society,” https://doi.org/10.1111/jace.19021 (2023).
  • A. Safari, E. K. Akdoğan, J. D. Leber, “Ferroelectric ceramics and composites for piezoelectric transducer applications,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 61 SN0801 (2022). https://doi.org/10.35848/1347-4065/ac8bdc

  • H. Biçer, A. Degnah, E. Salur, İ. Şavklıyıldız, T. Tsakalakos, E. K.Akdoğan, “Multicycle flash sintering of cubic Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2: An in situ energy dispersive synchrotron x-ray diffraction study with high temporal resolution,” Materials Today Communication 33 10422 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mtcomm.2022.104272

  • İlyas Şavklıyıldız, Çiğdem Okur, E. Koray Akdoğan, Flash sintering and dielectric properties of K0.5Na0.5NbO3, Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2021) DOI: 10.1111/jace.18119.

  • E. Salur, C. Nazik, M. Acarer, İ. Şavklıyıldız and E. K. Akdoğan, "Ultrahigh hardness in Y2O3 dispersed  ferrous multicomponent nanocomposites," Materials Today Communication 28 102637 (2021)  doi.org/10.1016/j.mtcomm.2021.102637

  • N. Simos, H. Zhong, Z. Zhong, F. Camino, E. Dooryhee, S. Ghose, D. Sprouster, Z. Kotsina, İ. Şavklıyıldız and E. Koray Akdoğan, "Fast Neutron Irradiation Embrittlement-ductilitization of an Iron-based Amorphous Alloy using In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction," International Journal of Metallurgy and Metal Physics 2020, 5:052, DOI: 10.35840/2631-5076/9252.

  • H. Biçer, E. K. Akdoğan, İ. Şavklıyıldız, C. Haines, Z. Zhong; T. Tsakalakos, "Thermal Expansion of Nano Boron Carbide under Constant DC Electric Field: An in situ energy dispersive X-ray diffraction study using a synchrotron probe," Journal of Materials Research, (2020), DOI: 10.1557/jmr.2019.382.

  • M. Örnek, C. Hwang, K.M. Reddy, V. Domnich, S.L. Miller, E.K. Akdoğan, K.J. Hemker, R.A. Haber, "Formation of BN from BCNO and the development of ordered BN structure: I. Synthesis of BCNO with various chemistries and degrees of crystallinity and reaction mechanism on BN formation," Ceramics International, 44 (13) (2018), pp. 14980-14989.

  • M. Acelce, E. K. Akdoğan, M. Chhowalla, “Electrochemomechanical Actuators based on 2D 1T-MoS2 Nanosheets,” Nature, 549, 370–373 (2017)

  • N. Simos, Z. Zhong, E. Dooryhee, S. Ghose, S. Gill, F. Camino, İ. Şavklıyıldız, E.K. Akdoğan, “Neutron irradiation and high temperature effects on amorphous Fe-based nano-coatings on steel – A macroscopic assessment,” Journal of Nuclear Materials, 489, 164-179 (2017).

  • W.A. Paxton, T. Özdemir, İ. Şavklıyıldız, T. Whalen, H. Bicer, Z. Zhong, E. K. Akdoǧan, T. Tsakalakos, “Anisotropic Thermal Expansion of Zirconium Diboride: An Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction Study,” Journal of Ceramics, (2016). dx.doi.org/10.1155/2016/8346563

  • W.A. Paxton, E. K. Akdoğan, İ. Şavklıyıldız, A. Choksi, S. Silver, T. Tsakalakos, Z. Zhong, “Asynchronous stoichiometric response in lithium iron phosphate batteries,” Journal of Materials Research, 30 (03), 417-423 (2014).

  • E. K. Akdoğan, İ. Şavklıyıldız, H. Biçer, W. Paxton, F. Toksoy, Z. Zhong, T.  Tsakalakos, “Anomalous lattice expansion in yttria stabilized zirconia under simultaneous applied electric and thermal fields: A time-resolved in situ energy dispersive x-ray diffractometry study with an ultrahigh energy synchrotron probe,” Journal of Applied Physics, 113, 233503 (2013).

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  • E. K. Akdoğan, İ. Şavklιyιldιz, B. Berke, Z. Zhong, L. Wang, D. Weidner, M. C. Croft, and T. Tsakalakos, "Pressure effects on phase equilibria and solid solubility in MgO-Y2O3 nanocomposites," Journal of Applied Physics, 111, 053506 (2012).

  • E. K. Akdoğan, İ. Şavklıyıldız, B. Berke, Z. Zhong, L. Wang, M. Vaughan, T. Tsakalakos, "High-pressure phase transformations in MgO-Y2O3 nanocomposites," Applied Physics Letters, 99, 141915 (2011).

  • M. Croft, V. Shukla, E. K. Akdoğan, N. Jisrawi, Z. Zhong, R. Sadangi, A. Ignatov, L. Balarinni, , K. Horvath, and T. Tsakalakos, “In situ strain profiling of elasto-plastic bending in Ti-6Al-4V alloy by synchrotron energy dispersive x-ray diffraction,” Journal of Applied Physics, 105, 093505 (2009).

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  • E.K. Akdoğan, K. Kerman, M. Abazari, A. Safari, ”Origins of high piezoelectric activity in (K0.44, Na0.52, Li0.04)(Nb0.84, Ta0.10, Sb0.06)O3,” Applied Physics Letters, 92, 112908 (2008).

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