Ashutosh Goel

Associate Professor

Materials Science and Engineering

Office Hours: By appointment

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Dr. Ashutosh Goel received his B.S. (Hons.) Physics and M.S. (Hons.) in Physics from Guru Nanak Dev University, India. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Aveiro, Portugal, in 2009. He joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Rutgers University as a faculty member in 2014.

Before joining Rutgers, Dr. Goel has worked as a Materials Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA, and as a Senior Research Scientist – Optical fibers at Sterlite Technologies Ltd., Aurangabad, India.

Dr. Goel’s research is focused on understanding composition-structure-property relationships in oxide glasses. He has authored/co-authored >85 research articles published in international journals and listed as an inventor on two U.S. patents. He is the Associate Editor for the “Journal of the American Ceramic Society,” “International Journal of Applied Glass Science,” and “Frontiers in Materials (Nature Publishing Group).” He also serves on the editorial board of the journals “Ceramics” and “Materials” – both published by MDPI.

Dr. Goel is the chairperson of the technical committee on hazardous waste vitrification (TC-05) and a member of the technical committee on glasses in healthcare (TC-04) of the International Commission on Glass. He also serves as the vice-chairperson of the Bioceramics Division of the American Ceramic Society. Owing to his outstanding accomplishments in the field of glass science, Dr. Goel has been awarded the 2017 Vittorio Gottardi Prize by the International Commission on Glass, and 2021 W.H. Zachariasen Award by the Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids.


Professor Goel's teaching responsibilities during the 2021-2022 academic year are:

Fall 2021:

  • Characteristics of Materials, 14:635:309
  • Lab II (Materials Characterization), 14:635:353 

Spring 2022:     

  • Advanced Glass (Graduate), 16:635:506



Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Averio, Portugal, 2009
M.S., Physics, Guru Nanak Dev University, India, 2004



Professional Affiliations

  • Member, American Ceramic Society
  • Vice-Chair, Bioceramics Division, American Ceramic Society
  • Chairperson, TC05-Hazardous Waste Vitrification, International Commision on Glass
  • Member, TC04-Glasses in Healthcare, International Commision on Glass

Research Interests


  • Composition – Structure – Property Relationships in Oxide Glasses
  • Nuclear Waste Immobilization
  • Glasses and Ceramics in Healthcare

Selected Publications

1.      X. Xu, R.E. Youngman, S. Kapoor, A. Goel, “Structural drivers controlling sulfur solubility in alkali aluminoborosilicate glasses,” Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2021) In press.



2.      F. Wang, N. Balasubramanya, Q. Qin, R.E. Youngman, P. Mukherjee, N. Stone-Weiss, A. Goel, “Multi-scale investigation of the mechanisms controlling the corrosion of borosilicate glasses in hyper-alkaline media,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (2020) 27542-27557.



3.      N. Stone-Weiss, H. Bradtmüller, M. Fortino, M. Bertani, R.E. Youngman, A. Pedone, H. Eckert, A. Goel, “Combined experimental and computational approach towards the structural design of borosilicate-based bioactive glasses,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (2020) 17655-17674. DOI:


4.      N. Stone-Weiss, R.E. Youngman, R. Thorpe, N.J. Smith, E.M. Pierce, A. Goel, “An insight into the corrosion of alkali aluminoborosilicate glasses in acidic environments,” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (2020) 1881-1896. DOI:


5.      A. Deshkar, R.E. Youngman, O. Gulbiten, J.C. Mauro, A. Goel, “Why does B2O3 suppress nepheline (NaAlSiO4) crystallization in sodium aluminosilicate glasses?” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (2020) 8679-8698. DOI:


6.      T. Han, N. Stone-Weiss, J. Huang, A. Goel, A. Kumar, “Machine learning as a tool to design glasses with controlled dissolution for healthcare applications,” Acta Biomaterialia, 107 (2020) 286-298. DOI:


7.      A. Goel, J.S. McCloy, R. Pokorny, A.A. Kruger, “Challenges with vitrification of Hanford high-level waste (HLW) to borosilicate glass – An overview,” Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids: X, 4 (2019) 100033. DOI:


8.      S. Kapoor, R.E. Youngman, K. Zakharchuk, A. Yaremchenko, N.J. Smith, A. Goel, “Structural and chemical approach towards understanding the aqueous corrosion of sodium aluminoborate glasses,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 122 (2018) 10913-10927.



9.      A. Brehault, D. Patil, R.E. Youngman, L. Thirion, J.C. Mauro, C.L. Corkhill, J.S. McCloy, A. Goel, “Compositional dependence of solubility/retention of molybdenum oxides in aluminoborosilicate based model nuclear waste glasses,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 122 (2018) 1714-1729. DOI:


10.   N. Stone-Weiss, E.M. Pierce, R. Youngman, O. Gulbiten, N.J. Smith, J. Du, A. Goel, “Understanding the structural drivers governing glass – water interactions in borosilicate-based model bioactive glasses,” Acta Biomaterialia, 65 (2018) 436-449.