E. Koray Akdoğan
Associate Teaching Professor & Undergraduate Program Director
Phone: 848-445-4513
Office: CCR-114
Interests Include: Chemical and solid-state thermodynamics; In Situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction; Electric field & pressure assisted materials processing; Mechanical, thermal & electric properties
Glenn Amatucci
Glenn Amatucci
Professor & Director of Energy Storage Research Group
Phone: 848-932-0921
Office: 671 Route 1 South, North Brunswick, NJ
Philip Batson
Distinguished Research Professor
Phone: 848-445-8248
Office: Nanophysics Lab 205/ CCR-210
Interests Include: Spatially resolved Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) using the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM), including the design and fabrication of a high resolution electron spectrometer for use with the STEM.
Dunbar Birnie
Dunbar Birnie
Professor & Corning/Saint Gobain/Malcolm G. McLaren Chair
Phone: 848-445-5605
Office: CCR-129
Interests Include: All manners of renewable energy generation and storage -- and the materials innovations required to implement these technologies.
Laura Fabris
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-5606
Office: CCR-216
Interests Include: Synthesis and Characterization of Plasmonic nanoparticles and their use in surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-based sensing and cell imaging and in those applications that require near field enhancement effects.
Stephen Garofalini
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-2216
Office: ENG A-217
Interests Include: Molecular dynamics simulations, glass surfaces, nanoconfined materials, water/glass interactions.
Ashutosh Goel
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-4512
Office: CCR-103
Interests Include: Structure-Property relationships in glasses
Richard Haber
Professor & Director, Ceramic, Composite & Optical Materials Center
Phone: 848-445-4931
Office: CCR-204
Interests Include: Relationships among powder characteristics & processing parameters, microstructural develop & properties of ceramic materials, non-destructive evaluation of materials, armor ceramics, sintering of nanoscaled materials, colloidal & mineral processing.
Lisa Klein
Distinguished Professor & Department Chair
Phone: 848-445-2096
Office: CCR-206
Interests Include: Synthesis and processing of ceramics and glasses using the sol-gel process. Emphasis on processing the conditions for forming gels for optical applications, porous membranes, electrochemical devices, such as fuel cells, smart windows and hermetic seals.
Richard Lehman
Phone: 848-445-2317 or 609-203-2501 (mobile)
Office: CCR-102
Interests Include: Oxide glasses and the glass transition, thermoplastic polymers, inorganic thermoplastic ionomers prepared using ionic liquids. The processing and properties of these materials.
Jennifer Lynch
Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 848-445-2716
Office: CCR-122
Interests Include: characterization, and development of advanced polymer matrix composites and nanocomposites; graphene enhanced polymer matrix composites; processing-structure-property-performance relations; and computational simulation of long-term prope
Adrian B Mann
Professor & Graduate Program Director
Phone: 848-445-8421
Office: CCR-227 (grad office) / CCR-214 (own office)
Interests Include: Nanomechanics of materials, contact mechanics, structure-chemistry-property relationship for hard ceramics, nanomaterial synthesis, mechanical properties of teeth and bones.
John Matthewson
Phone: 848-445-5933
Office: CCR-222
Interests Include: Mechanical properties, reliability and fatigue, particularly of glass and optical fibers. Fractography and failure analysis of glasses. Computational modeling of processing and material behavior, including finite element methods.
Thomas Nosker
Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 848-445-3631
Office: CCR-141
Deirdre O'Carroll
Associate Professor
Phone: 848-445-1496
Office: CCR-218
Interests Include: Light generating and light harvesting processes in organic polymer semiconductor materials and plasmonic nanostructures.
Richard Riman
Richard Riman
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-4946
Office: CCR-106
Interests Include: Processing (low temperature hydrothermal methods, dispersion, particulate mixed-ness, and solution crystallization of ceramics) and functional materials (structural ceramics, electro-ceramics, optics, and biomaterials).
Ahmad Safari
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-4367
Office: CCR-118
Interests Include: Structural-property relationship in ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, Pb-Free piezoelectric ceramics and composites for transducers, and energy harvesting/storage applications, ferroelectric and piezoelectric thin films, and 3-D printing.
Professor Ryan Sills
Ryan Sills
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-4942
Office: CCR-108
Interests Include: Mechanical behaviors of materials, esp. metals and composites; Multiscale modeling, incl. atomistic, mesoscale, and continuum methods; Micromechanics of deformation, dislocation-mediated plasticity, and brittle/ductile fracture.
Thomas Tsakalakos
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-2888
Office: ENG A-133
John Wenzel
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-5092
Office: CCR-231
Interests Include: Glass technology, glass packaging, optical glasses and fibers, sol-gel processing, and refractories.