Lisa Klein

Distinguished Professor & Department Chair

Materials Science and Engineering

Office Hours: By appointment

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When Dr. Lisa Klein arrived at the School of Engineering, she was the first woman in the school hired to a tenure track position.  When she received tenure in 1981, she was the first woman tenured in the School. In 1993, she was promoted to Distinguished Professor, and in 1998, she received the Achievement Award of the Society of Women Engineers for her work in sol-gel processing.  She enjoys teaching undergraduates and graduate students, and her favorite subject is kinetics.

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Dr. Klein’s research interests center on the synthesis and processing of ceramics and glasses using the sol-gel process. Her research specifically focuses on processing the conditions for forming gels for optical applications, porous membranes, electrochemical devices, such as fuel cells, smart windows and hermetic seals. 


Dr. Klein's teaching responsibilities during the 2023-2024 academic year are:

Spring 2024:

  • INT TO NANOMATERIALS, 14:635:320
  • KINETICS MATLS SYSTM, 16:635:532
  • RESEARCH MATERIALS, 16:635:702 

Fall 2023:

  • INTRO MATLS SCI ENGG,14:635:203
  • KINETICS OF MAT PROC, 14:635:307
  • RESEARCH MATERIALS, 16:635:701                



  • American Ceramic Society, Fellow
  • New York Academy of Sciences, Fellow
  • Society of Glass Technology, Fellow

Selected Publications

  • A. Jitianu, J. Doyle, G. Amatucci, L. C. Klein, “Methyl modified siloxane melting gels for hydrophobic films”, J. Sol-Gel Science & Tech. 53, 2010, 272-279.
  • A. Jitanu and L. C. Klein, “Sol-Gel Hybrids for Electronic Applications:  Hermetic Coatings for Microelectronics and Energy Storage” in Hybrid Nanocomposites for Nanotechnology:  Electronic, Optical, Magnetic and Bio/Medical Applications L. Merhari (ed.), Springer, 2009, pp. 429-453.
  • L. C. Klein, “Sol-Gel Process for Proton Exchange Membranes”, in Progress in Sol-Gel Production L. Esquivias (ed.) Key Engineering Materials 391, 2009, 159-168.
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  • A. Jitianu, G. Amatucci, L. C. Klein, “Organic-inorganic Sol-Gel Thick Films for Humidity Barriers” J. Materials Research 23, 2008, 2084-2090.
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  • J. Sun, E. K. Akdogan, L. C. Klein and A. Safari, “Characterization and optical properties of sol-gel processed PMMA/SiO2 hybrid monoliths”, J. Non-Crystal. Solids 353, 2007, 2807-2812.
  • M. Bervas, A. N. Mansour, W-S. Yoon, J. F. Al Sharab, F. Badway, F. Cosandey, L. C. Klein, G. G. Amatucci, “Investigation of the Lithiation and Delithiation Conversion Mechanisms in Bismuth Fluoride Nanocomposites” J. Electrochemical Soc. 153, 2006, A799-A808.
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  • Y. Daiko, L. C. Klein, T. Kasuga and M. Nogami, “Hygroscopic-oxides/Nafion® hybrid electrolyte for direct methanol fuel cells”, Journal of Membrane Science 281, 2006, 619-625.