MSE Alumnus Dr. Matt Dejneka receives highest technical recognition at Corning Inc.

Dr. Matthew J. Dejneka (Rutgers MSE ’95) Corporate Fellow

The pinnacle of technical recognition at Corning is the appointment to the position of Corporate Fellow. This is an executive appointment which reflects rare and truly exceptional career achievements and contributions to Corning. Dr. David Morse, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Science & Technology, announces the appointment of Dr. Matthew J. Dejneka as Corporate Fellow, effective March 28, 2022. Matt joined Corning in 1995 and is widely recognized for his expertise in glass chemistry and composition, glass manufacturing, optical glasses, as well as fibers, rare-earth doping in glasses, glass-ceramics, and ceramics. He has led or contributed to numerous material and ion exchange process innovations that have enabled several generations of Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass. He invented compositions and processes to makes novel fiber lasers, filters, and amplifiers. Matt also contributed to high-strain-point display glasses and invented families of transparent glass-ceramics including rare earth fluorides, ferrite spinels, tungstates, and tantalates. He created rare earth doped fluorescent microbarcodes, and several negative thermal expansion ceramics. He is well-known for slaying manufacturing defects and helped improve the production yields in various Gorilla Glass products. Matt also incubates early-stage exploratory work and is a living example of being open to what he sees in the lab. Matt championed the design and build of a glass database. Matt is a two-time winner of the Outstanding External Publication Award, was the recipient of the 2004 Stookey Award for contributions in exploratory research, the 2004 Weyl International Glass Science Award, and the Karl Schwartzwalder Professional Achievement in Ceramic Engineering (PACE) Award in 2005. Matt was appointed a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society in 2012. He has 107 granted patents, 38 restricted technical reports, and 40 referenced publications, including two book chapters. He exemplifies the ideal characteristics of the Technology Community by frequently collaborating with co-workers in novel spaces, coaching and mentoring colleagues at all levels, and regularly adding significant contributions to Corning’s technical knowledge base. Matt graduated from Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in Ceramic Science and Engineering. Please join us in congratulating this outstanding scientist on his appointment to Corporate Fellow.