MSE celebrates the holidays



After working hard all semester, and in preparation for a tough exam period, we decided to throw a party!  

So, in the spirit of the holidays, we rented out our fave club in New Brunswick, D-Dogs, and really partied down.  It seemed like everyone was there--we're such a close knit department!.  Professor Lehman's "House Mix" got the party started and warmed the crowd up for the main event:  "Taylor Road".   As Taylor Road becomes really popular in the region, they are hard to book.  BUT, band members Professor Riman and Professor Nosker locked the date for us.  Soon after 10:00 the house was rockin and the dance floor was full.  We were all a bit exhausted for the MSE Luncheon the next day, but at least we're relaxed for the exams.  "Is it New Year's Eve yet...?"