Prof. Akdoğan wins the 2021-22 Student’s Engineering Governing Council MSE Faculty of the Year Award

Congratulations to Prof. Akdoğan for receiving the Professor of the Year in Materials Science & Engineering for Academic Year 2021-22 from the Students’ Engineering Governing Council (EGC). The award presentation was made on 2 May 2021 in Richard Weeks Hall on Busch Campus. The students’ quote for Prof. Akdoğan reads: “Gives incredible engineering insight beyond the course material such as real life engineering case studies, industrial information such as patent methods, Rutgers' contributions to engineering, career paths and options for different engineers."

Professor Akdoğan, whose teaching prowess is very well known in MSE and in the School of Engineering, is a great asset to our department. We wish him continued success in his teaching endeavors.