Professor Goel receives TechAdvance Grant to develop a “hard” and “crack resistant” glass

The brittleness of glass has been perceived as its gravest handicap. While the glass industry has always strived to develop a hard glass with low-brittleness, it has been generally accepted that “hardness” and “crack-resistance” cannot be achieved simultaneously in conventional oxide glasses.

Professor Goel, along with his team, has developed a glass that is both hard and crack-resistant. The glass exhibits Vickers hardness (200 gf) of >7 GPa and does not crack until 1200 gf load under Vickers indentation. Further, the glass can be synthesized and processed by the melt-quench technique at temperature ≤1650 °C. 

Professor Goel has been awarded a TechAdvance Grant of $50,000 by the Rutgers Office of Research and Economic Development for the scale-up, testing, and characterization of the as developed glass composition for its further evaluation as a transparent armor material and cover glass for smartphones/tablets.

TechAdvance is an early-stage-technology fund that provides financial support and business expertise for Rutgers faculty and students to advance promising technologies toward commercialization.