See Where a Rutgers MSE Degree Will Take You... Innovative Environments in Industry and Academia.

The alums and faculty of our department are known for their innovative spirit, and our students are educated and trained in this exciting environment. Our current faculty has well over 120 patents and our graduates become leaders in industrial and academic innovation. This innovative mind-set differentiates our students and makes them highly sought after by employers.Some examples of inventions by MSE alums:

The optically active air-clad rare-earth doped fiber laser amplifier, essential to telecommunications over long distances. (Jim Fajardo MSE 1992) Pioneering inventions in the field of plasmon-photon coupled optical devices.  (John Ballato MSE 1993)

The chemical vapor deposition process was applied to the production of optical fibers, enabling development of high bandwidth fibers essential to today's communications networks.  (Peter Schultz MSE 1964) Specialized raised pedestal ceramic substrates were developed to increase production rates and lower costs, maintaining US competitiveness in this critical technological environment.  (Ben Fasano MSE 1975) Graduate School at Any of the Best Universities.

Interested in continuing your education after the BS degree?  Our students are exceptionally well prepared for graduate education and are admitted to and excel at the best schools in the country. A few recent examples:

Yao-Wen Yeh, Class of 2010
Yao-Wen  is  a  graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.  His research focuses on ferroelectric  nanostructures  and  their potential applications  in energy generation.   

Kristin Denault, Class of 2010
Kristin is a  graduate  student  in the Materials Department at the UC-Santa Barbara, where she is studying rare-earth substituted inorganic phosphors for solid-state white lighting applications.  

Brian Doyle Bryan VanSaders
Louis Gambino Charlie McLaren