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Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Materials scientists and engineers create innovative high-value products by designing at the atomic, molecular, and up to macroscopic levels to contribute to all fields of engineering. Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) majors use the fundamental principles of physics and chemistry as well as the practical knowledge about the microstructure and processing of advanced materials of all types. They might use plastics and other disposable materials to develop high-performance fabrics or develop carbon nanotubes or graphene as materials to help sense bacteria, chemicals, and other dangers in our food or water supply.



Mission and Vision

The Materials Science and Engineering program focuses on providing an education that is both learning and practice oriented. With its high faculty-to-student ratio, we provide unique course options, extensive laboratory experiences, along with research and co-op internships that have adapted to the changing requirement of employers and graduate schools. 

Through continuous feedback from students, alumni, and employers we maintain an up-to-date curriculum that emphasizes basic science, engineering, and design. Moreover, the curriculum provides flexibility and diversity in allowing students to select areas of concentration that are in the forefront of technology today.

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Connected Community

Our students are engaged with each other, faculty and the broader materials science and engineering industry providing students with access to careers and mentoring. Our faculty members not only serve as academic instructors and advisors, they also offer research opportunities in labs where students can contribute to groundbreaking research. Students are involved in research activities and participate in related engineering student organizations gaining hands-on and leadership experience. Field trips are also organized to major corporations around the area including Corning Incorporated. 


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The Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (ABET) based on consideration of the programs' educational objectives and outcomes, ensuring our programs meets the quality standards that produce graduates prepared to enter a global workforce.


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