MSE History

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is one of the oldest such departments in the country, dating back to 1902 when the department was originally founded as a School of Ceramics. Located on George Street in a beautiful building (pictured above) that is now the School of Social work, the School flourished and developed an international reputation. In 1964 the School joined the College of Engineering as a leading center of innovation and research. In 2005 research and educational profile had grown to such a breadth that it became the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Today, it is a large and active department engaged in all important areas of modern materials science and engineering.  Read more about our history in the following sections.

The Early Years

The Clayworkers Association

The School of Ceramics Joins the College of Engineering

Transitioning to Materials Science and Engineering

Curriculum Evolution Over the Years

Research Centers in the Department

Leadership of the Department

Books by Faculty

Alums Receiving National Medals of Recognition

Alums that Became Professors

Interesting Facts