Master of Science Degree Program

The master's degree requires 30 credits. There are several different approaches to obtaining an MS in Materials Science and Engineering:

Taught Masters

For the taught MS the student must complete 30 credits of taught courses. For completion of the MS, a final presentation of a paper in front of a faculty committee is required. The topic of the paper must be within the field of Materials Science and Engineering. Depending on how many courses a student takes per semester this degree is completed in one to two years. Link to more details.

Research Masters

A student completing a research MS is required to have completed 24 credits of taught courses and 6 credits of research( i.e. register for  RESEARCH MATERIALS 16:635:701/702) under the supervision of a member of the MSE graduate faculty. The MS degree culminates in the student writing a research dissertation that is presented to an MS thesis committee. This degree usually takes around two years to complete as a full-time student. Link to more details.

BS-MS (Rutgers undergraduates)

Current Rutgers undergraduate students in relevant disciplines with >3.0 GPA may continue without interruption to complete the MS degree in materials. Interested juniors and seniors should contact the graduate program for more information (email: There is still a requirement to complete 30 academic credits and either a research dissertation or a final presentation of a paper in front of a faculty committee. Link to more details. For students interested in applying to our 4+1 program, please submit the Application for BS/MS Accelerated Materials Science & Engineering Program  following the instructions provided on it


While most students study for their degree on a full-time basis (at least 9 credits per semester) there are a number who take courses on a part-time basis (typically 3-6 credits per semester). This is a particularly attractive option for students who are continuing to work in industry or at Government research labs. Given the 30-credit requirement, part-time students should expect to take more than two years to complete their degree.


Learning Goals

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